The struggle for peace in the rich has just ended, but in Black clover immediately another began. No fights or devils this time, the subject of the dispute is the heart of one of the main protagonists. How is this triangular relationship resolved?

Lucifer was defeated and Asta finally triumphed: in Chapter 330 of Black Clover, the saga of the Kingdom of Swords raid ends. By risking their lives, in this arc i Protagonists could move beyond their limits, immerse yourself in your past and get to know new sides. In the final stages, it is Charlotte Roselei who takes a step forward.

The commander of the Blue Rose bursts into tears upon seeing that Yami is one step away from death. For the first time, Charlotte puts pride aside feminine and shy to declare her love in a loud voice. The Black Clover battlefield is rocked by this declaration of love.

The commander's announcement astounds those present who had no idea what she was feeling. In addition to Asta, it is above all the one who opens his eyes wide Vanessa Enoteca. The former witch who is now an integral part of Black Bull was famously rescued by Captain Yami, for whom she feels great respect and gratitude.

there However, there is something else behind Vanessa's reaction. How will he deal with Charlotte's statement and how will he react to it? At the moment, Yami didn't understand the words of love or pretended to understand them. The witch and the captain are tied at the moment and the ball is in the middle.

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