While Stephen King appears to have said goodbye to IT and Pennywise, another of his novels he co-wrote with his son Owen, Sleeping Beautiesreturns with his second volume in a comic version.

The sleeping beauties of Stephen and Owen King they are about to return.

The Screen Rant site recently published a ‘Preview of the graphic novel written by Rio Youers and drawn by Alison Sampson, the second volume of the comic adaptation of Sleeping Beauties published by IDW-Verlag.

For those who aren’t familiar with the story, which dates back to the 702-page 2017 novel of the horror master and his son, here’s what you can expect:”Full of mysteries and horrors, in the last volume of this duology Almost every woman has become a victim of Aurora disease, that is, fallen into an eternal sleep. One woman, Eve Black, is immune to this disease and claims to care for other women. And as the residents of the small town of Dooling try to figure out how best to “manage” Eve, factions begin to form and war seems inevitable. Meanwhile, Eve has plans of her own: a test with global consequences“.

To get an idea of ​​the style of Sleeping Beauties, Click on the source link at the bottom of the newswhere you can find the covers and several color pages of the comic.

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