My Hero Academia Chapter 321 has been available for a few days, and fans have not stopped wondering since it was released how Izuku Midoriya will react to the latest events. However, if we wait for Chapter 322, we can begin to analyze what happened, what by the way appears to have several similarities to Kamino’s operation.

In Chapter 320 of My Hero Academia we witnessed the first part of the clash between Deku and the 1-A class, those with a clear defeat for Deku. ended, physically destroyed after recent clashes with All for One mercenaries and unwilling to fight his friends. In chapter 321, however, Deku manages to briefly keep the upper hand and escape with One for All. until 1-A decides to fall back on a secret scheme.

The 1-A plan is the same one Midoriya developed during the Kamino incident as Kirishima, Iida, Todoroki, and Deku themselves They decided to intervene to save Bakugo from the clutches of All for One. In Chapter 321, Todoroki creates an ice ramp again, and Bakugo uses his strength to launch together with Iida with the assistance of Mina Ashido and Uraraka.

While Bakugo and Iida want to reach Deku, the former thinks about how much he would like to talk to his friend / rival, but just like Deku in Kamino, he realizes that in this case he cannot be the one to resolve the situation. Bakugo then decides to rely on Iida how Deku once found himself in Kirishima. leftto give up one’s personal desire in order to be able to fulfill one’s task. This choice underscores the great maturity of 1-A and the personal growth of Bakugo, who has now understood that even the strongest hero must rely on others.

My Hero Academia returns on August 8th with Chapter 322before you pause again. However, in a few days we will find out how Izuku Midoriya will react to this, and we will see if the plan will prove successful in this case too.

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