Makoto Shinkai is a household name in the animation industry. For several years, the director has been staging his visions with the help of an exceptional staff. Meanwhile, his titles like 5cm per second, The Garden of Words and many others are on everyone’s lips. But the most famous remains Your Name.

Your Name is a film that manages to inspire even years later and with various visions behind it. The director / screenwriter managed to do a perfect job and captivate the emotions of the entire world audience without limits. Obviously it took a lot of work to achieve this result Staff who worked hard on every scene to make it perfect on a visual level between directing and animations.

But did you know what your name looked like before it was animated? On Reddit, user 1954isthebest shared a video showing scene by scene all the changes between storyboards, which are of course shown in sketchy form, with few colors and instructions for the rest of the staff and the full product.

Surely Makoto Shinkai’s next film will undergo this transformation as well, moving from sketchy storyboards to full scenes.

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