Chapter 60 of Dragon Ball Super it was not only characterized by the return of Vegeta but also by the clash between Goku and Molo. The battle between the two, in fact, was nothing short of exciting, thanks also to the excellent qualities of a strategist manifested by the powerful wizard. Is Molo an ace of war?

Each chapter of the manga, slowly, seems to confirm the hypotheses that see the sorcerer as a god of destruction, although this theory still has no solid foundation. Anyway, despite the grueling training with Merus, Goku has faced his limits, dictated above all by a drastic drop in the energies caused by Ultra Instinct, a technique as strong as it is expensive.

Still, it would not be fair not to give the right merits to Molo who, in the clash, showed extraordinary skills in the fight, as a real strategist of the war. Every blow he inflicted on Goku was for a very specific reason, that is prevent the movements of the saiyan. Several times, in fact, the protagonist was abruptly hit in the stomach so that he could not use both arms to punch. This, of course, made Goku's techniques much more predictable than expected and easily avoided by the wizard who, at the end of the fight, even came out on top.

And you, on the other hand, what do you think of Molo's fighting skills, is he an ace of war just like the gods of destruction? Tell us your opinion about it, as usual, with a comment below.

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