Super Dragon Ball Heroes 2: revealed the title and synopsis for episode 4

Super Dragon Ball Heroes is finally back with the third episode which brought old acquaintances belonging to some iconic films of the franchise to the fore. But what developments await our heroes in the next episode? Let's find out together thanks to the first leak leaked on the net.

The Plan of Fu seems to proceed regularly, albeit Goku is Vegeta, clarified the misunderstanding with the gods of destruction, they intervened to prevent the further growth of the roots that are quickly filling the entire vault of the Earth. In order to avoid obstacles of any kind, Fu managed to bring some evil beings back to life, including Bojack and even turles. The two, in fact, stopped the advance of the two protagonists to undertake an expected revenge, among other things with increased power thanks to the fruit of the divine tree. Either way, episode 4, titled "Surprise the Darkness! The Mysterious Dr. W."is described as follows:

"While the fierce clash between Goku and Vegeta against Bjack and Turles is raging, Dogidogi suddenly releases a dark and sinister light. At the same time, Xeno Goku and Xeno Vegeta have embarked on a clash with Mr.W who, with ease, continues to avoid their every attack. What will be the reason behind his bold smile? "

Even the episode 4 of Super Dragon Ball Heroes, therefore, will be characterized by the action and dedicated to two different battles. And you, however, have appreciated the last episode? Let us know, as always, with a comment below.

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