The attack of the giants has never been the happiest manga. Hajime Isayama's story begins with an invasion of these man-eating monsters known as giants. These creatures immediately gave us splatter visions and the trauma of seeing the mother of the protagonist Eren devoured within a few pages.

Even later, with the Battle of the Forest that killed Petra and the other legionaries, the ongoing deaths from the betrayals of Reiner and Bertholt, we saw many Eldians die in The Attack of the Giants. But after the leap in time, these deaths moved even more dramatically outward, to the continent of Marley. That is also Eren Jaeger's current main goal.

In Attack of the Giants 131 we see the advance of colossal giants when two refugee children try to escape. We watch the devastating deaths of the two children in a brutal, heartbreaking scene as Eren progresses with his horde. And the protagonist is finally enjoying the viewI thought of everything he had been through and his goal. From above, with almost childlike innocence, he watches the massacre that he perpetrates while he longs for final freedom.

Then he turns to Armin and asks him if he shares this vision of freedom. The deeds that Eren Jaeger performs can hardly be defined as a crime. You go further, but at the same time save other lives. The ultimate war of aggression of the giants will ever win the forgiveness of the survivors?

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