There were so many important moments in ONE PIECE that inspired representations and fan art of various kinds. Some of them have also been officially adopted to create official merchandising lines like the Trafalgar Law figure that uses their power. Sometimes something comes based on the darkest moments of the anime.

During the Marineford War, one of ONE PIECE's epic events, the manga and the anime, the Portgas D. Ace dies in the hands of the then Admiral Akainu. The handful of magma entered the fiery body of Roger's son, who saved Luffy. The result was a huge hole in Ace's torso that resulted in his death within seconds.

This scene comes from a shirt that was temporarily released in the Red Bubble Store, probably unofficially. As you can see in the photo taken by the ONE PIECE subReddit below, the all black shirt has al center the design of Akainu This results from a representation of the hole in Ace's stomach, complete with blood and burnt flesh all around. We don't know if a confused Luffy looks over the hole in the background.

In terms of less horror merchandising, the new ONE PIECE collection is coming to Japan soon.

Great merch, that's ... from r / OnePiece

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