It's no longer news to ONE PIECE audiences: Luffy has awakened his devil fruit, which is actually no longer the Gom Gom but something much more legendary. The protagonist, who still doesn't know the true origin of his power, has the homo-homo fruit model Nika and with this he activated the fifth gear.

A fruit that doesn't exist in Vegapunk's Devil Fruit Encyclopedia, but proves potent nonetheless. In ONE PIECE 1070 continues with the narrative dedicated to the MADS, the organization that Vegapunk once considered the leader and which had four other prominent members, namely Judge, Caesar Clown, Queen and a mysterious woman who appears in the mini-cover adventure of can be seen behind.

Then it's time to go back Part two of the Egghead fight. In the awakened version, Lucci has severely injured Sentomaru, who falls to the ground almost lifeless. Luffy pins the leopard and sends it away to comical effect while it keeps spinning after an attack. Meanwhile, the three Seraphim are kept busy, with Boa Hancock, Jinbe, and Kuma Bartholomew emphasizing the powers of their Devil Fruit.

Vegapunk reveals that he created green blood, a substance that takes into account the genetic factor of a Devil Fruit that can be used to create Paramisha. For the creation of the Rogia instead there are many more problems, while for the Zoo Zoo everything is easier since they are based on animals. Luffy's fight against Lucci continues with the government agent suffering attack after attack without even being able to react, but then Luffy decides to join the other friends who managed to take the vacuum rocket.

However, Sentomaru makes the captain promise to take Vegapunk with him before he crashes to the ground. Now control of the four seraphim passes to the world government, with Lucci having recovered but in front of the island is also Kizaru ordering the deployment of naval forces. Will there be another war in ONE PIECE in the next chapter?

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