The following review of The God of High School Chapter 9 It contains spoilers. If you have already seen the chapter, please read on. Otherwise, you can watch it on one of the platforms and come back. Attention, in this series you will learn how to get ... bananas with a flying kick.

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"The tiger raised another tiger."

Curse / CORNER

Memories, memories and a wish ... Jin Mori just wants to be close to his grandfather Jin Taejin, who after a few years of his departure had no contact with his grandson because this grandfather Tigre's duty has always been to fight the bad guys and " do what you want." But now everything is different because after a few years, Jin received some worrying information about his grandfather. One is that an arm that appears to be his was found, and the second is a photo that would indicate a suspected kidnapping along with a map that would take him to the location where Jin Taejin is badly injured.

In the middle of the semifinals and as one of the most promising teams, Jin Mori, Yoo Mira and Han Daewi as representatives of Seoul have to face each other against the opposing team that would be Jeju Island. But one member, Daewi, is disqualified for interfering in another's fight, and Jin Mori is simply absent. Worry invades her and the responsibility to stay in the tournament rests with Yoo Mira. At the moment, the plan is for Daewi to look for Jin Mori and Mira to buy time for her partner to arrive. The game begins between Lee Marin from Team Jeju and Yoo Mira from Team Seoul. Everything always starts getting worse here, because Lee Marin is a sea monster full of sunscreen in Brazil and little muscle. While Jin arrives elsewhere in Seoul and far from the ring at the end point of the map, a disgusting abandoned warehouse that only indicates problems. But in the distance and in this filth, this loneliness and darkness, Jin manages to see the mutilated body of his grandfather Jin Taejin.

In the middle of the fight and because Lee Marin is a bit slippery to maintain, he receives a sword thanks to his partner, but this sword belonged to Mira and was stolen by her ex-fiancé Seongjin, the moonlight sword. A powerful weapon with a power beyond that of its previous owner, discovered by the mysterious Lee Marin. But the surprises don't stop there and more for Daewi, who, while searching for Jin Mori, stumbles unconscious on the floor and behind him on the scene of Jin Pum Kwang ... A woman with a fish mouth and a little aspect of "The Bride of." Kill "Bill: Revenge".

As for Mira, Lee Marin gives her a little introduction to the Divine Sword, the National Treasure: Fengxian Sword or Moonlight Sword. Despite Mira's attacks and after she received the sword thanks to a disarmament, she returns to Marin, as the sword is currently considered to be its owner. The punishments have continuity and Jin Mori believes this man without arms, chained and on the ground is his grandfather, a bomb of great power that explodes before the disbelief of a worried grandson. Even so, Jin Mori retains an innate strength that enabled him to survive such exploitation, but his enemy is still strong and possesses a duplication ability called doppelganger ... which could be a headache.

Yoo Mira returns to the ring and listens carefully to the words of Lee Marin, who, through spitting out truths, understands that they are after her, for her power and for the holy sword that rules even the god that NOX believes in . While fighting against the portrayal of "The Protagonist of Kill Bill" in the building, Daewi discovers that this girl is a member of the Gyeongsangnam group. But this girl, who gives kisses and has a strange mind, is stopped in the middle of a possible attack by the leader of her team Jegal Taek ... Another fear for Daewi that would have ended very badly because of the one who has the Charyeok more can be aggressive.

As this is a day of unexpected and undesirable encounters, Jin Mori continues to face the skills he can give so much of himself against this enemy that is constantly being duplicated. In the eyes of the enemy, Jin Mori is the grandson of the famous Jin Taejin, better known as "The ultimate weapon of the front against the north. The hero and only survivor of the taekwondo team. The Man Who Beat All The Legendary The Six, ”but now the idea seems clearer that Taejin is being kidnapped and used on behalf of Nox. What seems to be a never-ending battle due to the capabilities of the enemy is the beginning of a terrifying discovery ... The real Jeju Island team has been killed and their bodies are at the bottom of this abandoned building that its doubles are actually members of Nox and these are the ones who are currently facing Yoo Mira.

The same concern is borne by Mira, because it came out of Lee Marin's mouth that Jin Mori may not return, and then Mira realizes that something is wrong, something on this team is more than suspicious ... But despite her concerns, she is He draws strength to fight and to believe that his friend will come and return. But Lee Marin's attacks are strong and Mira's body is reaching its limits, but this is no reason for her to stop. She wants to be strong and get on with what she now considers her friends. Here he enters into what would be the connection between humans and gods, a point at which humans encounter someone who would bestow their power ... Yoo Mira has taken the hand of "The Hero Lu Bu Fengxian" who is now will represent the Charyeok of Look, along with the return of the moonlight saber.

Yoo Mira, using her new Charyeok Lu Bu, meets Lee Marin and his Charyeok Kraken, who are going to suffer from the attack of the moonlightsaber number 42 "Fang Tiran Hua Ji". Mira is the winner and completely exhausted from it. She appears out of nowhere and which hero Jin Mori, in order to prevent her partner from fighting any further. Now she was in the hands of the nurses and Daewi, who still can't believe she has a charyeok, will begin the second confrontation, this time between Jin Mori, representing Seoul, versus Nah Hanseong of Jeju. Although the fight is expected, it must have been very difficult for Jin Mori in the eyes of his friends Mira and Daewi, for his looks say it all and his gaze reveals an anger that has never been seen before.

Within minutes of launch, Nah Hanseong asks about Feilong and its current state. But Jin just doesn't stimulate a single word, he just acts and his maneuvers become visual art that has the same order of attack as the eternal attack against Feilong and now Nah Hanseong is typing. With the original Jin Mori "Blue Dragon Kick", Jin's attack was fatal for Feilong, but for Nah Hanseong it was just a blow plus the news ... Now Jin is showing his second original attack, "Twin Blue Dragons Kick". As a near-fatal attack watched by members of the Six, everyone touches what is now a sign of the Jin Taejin Tiger's attacks, such as Park Mujin with the X on his forehead and Elder Bongchim with the amputation of his arm.



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