The following review of The god of high school Chapter 1 Contains spoilers. If you have already seen the chapter, please read on. Otherwise, you can watch it on one of the platforms and come back. Attention, in this series you will learn how to get bananas with a flying kick.

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Fear / six

Jin Taejin is on a mission and now his opponents will be this strange organization that stays in the dark and carries out acts of low morality with members of great power in order to accomplish the tasks set by heaven. While Jin Tae's grandson Jin Mori must continue to advance in what would be the battle of the fittest in this Rin of Gods.

The choice of regions was a fact and now the national struggle will be the next step, because this is where the strongest will battle the strongest. But to make it more interesting and a bit fairer, they will compete against each other in groups of three representatives per region. Now the characters have to work together as a team as much as possible as the opponents bring some magic and mysticism into their veins.

A mysterious man goes after the participants in each region and takes responsibility for them ... They disappear from existence and carry the lives of other innocent people. Therefore, Park Mujin and the membership committee have decided to take action on this matter.

Jin Mori, Han Daewi and Yoo Mira will join forces in the national teams ... But something in Jin is keeping him uneasy and it is the observation of Elder Bongchim, a man who is part of the 6 members and was Park Mujin's teacher. Now Elder Bongchim hopes that Jin will survive the sage fruit and receive him as a student.

In the meantime, they know that NOX is the hidden organization trying to revive their god. They started their plans and recruiting but they failed with Tae Jin because he won't join so he was attacked ... Will he survive? ?

Now, besides forming teams, Yoo Mira will have other worries as he encounters someone on his shopping spree who seems to be full of surprises and wisdom, this in Sin Bongsa, the tournament commentator who occupies this trait not only in his life , but he's a father, he's blind, and knows the moonlight saber movements and techniques. So he perceived a presence full of hatred and evil that came from a NOX killer who was not only after him, but also Yoo Mira. But fate has decided that Sin Bongsa will fall into battle.

Now the boys have to train hard and face their possible opponents and national rivals. Among them there will be people who have the power of the gods themselves, and here, thanks to Park Mujin, Han Daewi will begin to understand that this battle hides something greater, something that surpasses any thought and power. But skills will grow and Jin Mori needs to understand how much power he has, because after him are the Six and the NOX.

A member of the committee was ambushed by the NOX killer ... Did he survive?


Let's start by explaining what some didn't know ... Right, Grandpa Jin Taejin has never been dead. In reality, he belongs to a certain organization that he doesn't just belong to, and with his skills he carries out the most difficult tasks or those most difficult missions. But why did it disappear so suddenly? Well the truth is that there is another organization similar to the KKK, but the Koreans and the Hoods have a little more style, but their purpose is to find the one that would be the reincarnation of all bad. A fighter of extreme power who sleeps or who harbors a demon who could destroy anything and anyone, for what is said has incredible strength ... But that's later (read the Manhwa).

Now I'm going to talk specifically about what's and what's not in Anime and Manhwa, in addition to my opinion on this chapter that has left us all at a loss and wants more.

What a great series and what a great way to portray what is to be seen at Manhwa so well. I promise you everything will get better. The order of events is a mix of chapters, but the chronology is almost the same. This Wise Fruit moment occurred in the chapters in which Jin Mori faced one of the members of the committee, the one with the green hair ... Therefore, he endured great power in him and even awakened her.

How to explain so briefly something that is insane because this is the beginning of a struggle that brings more than power, even time travel, the involvement of gods and supernatural powers. Well, we already know that the god of the wind in Asia is a parable in a cloud, that he carries a stick and a tiara on his head ... Don't forget that because it is the key to everything.

While the boys are trying to find their dreams that are small, they are nothing, they are a little pebble that forms a pile of sand ... The future is coming and I ask about the accelerator, because now with the national battles the opponents will be increasingly aggressive, more powerful and we will be able to see the first transformations in them ... Right, we will see transformations. But what worries is the death of several, the disappearance of Tae Jin, the death of Sim Bongsa, the possible death of this member of the committee. Also the appearance of the SIX members, beings of unprecedented power and who may or may not manipulate the actions of the tournament, but they go in search of the future gods.

Now the OMEGA symbol is just as important as the characters themselves as it is the NOX symbol and it represents not only the strength but also the past, today and tomorrow of the series.

The six ... Those characters of great importance, who left offspring to assert themselves in power, were not called with cards like Yu-Gi-Oh, but by ... a text message.

In the Manhwa, they emphasize all the contestants that Jin, Daewi and Mira will face in the National Tournament, aside from the fact that these boys do not present themselves as deadly enemies, but unlike NOX and one other member ... they could be a pain of be head. But there will be one participant who not only fights against Jin, but also another member of the group of three boys.

Now we will know the beginning of great battles, great powers, and dilemmas that will emerge from our understanding.

This episode 6 covers chapters 39 to 45 of the Manhwa.


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