Kaido was also forced to take over the field in ONE PIECE. The emperor of the Pirates of the Hundred Beasts was surprised by the allied forces, which no one had noticed before. The connection between past and present brings us to the beginning of the final battle on Wanokuni Island.

The attack of the nine red scabbards angry Kaido, who turned into a dragon. In this form he brought samurai with him who hardly dared to challenge him to the dome of Onigashima. He throws himself into the sky and warns his enemies that this time there won't be an oden facing him in a ONE PIECE 987 board, which is even more intimidating in the anime version. Another exchange of words shows us that a small group has a certain ace up its sleeve.

In fact, Nekomamushi Kaido warns that things are not like twenty years ago: this time the minks are gathered and above all there is a full moon in the sky. This means that the strongest of the animal tribe Thanks to the mythical sulong shape, they can go wildthat we already tried on Whole Cake Island thanks to the carrot bunny.

Nekomamushi then warns Kaido not to underestimate his opponents. How will it go on? Fight between Kaido and the mink? Will everything go as planned by the fan who developed the fake ONE PIECE 988 spoilers?

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