Less than a week until the release of The attack of the giants 4. The eagerly awaited new season will be made available to fans at home in 4 days. Let's see together the illustration that was circulated for the occasion.

The new anime from the studio MAPAs a replacement for Wit Studio, which adapted the first three series of the work, the story of the Recognition Army is told from a completely new perspective. Eren and his companions, who for much of the story told were forced to live surrounded by walls for fear of giants, are finally free and have learned the truth about the origin of the great enemies and discovered one completely unknown outside world.

The production staff of the last part of the animated version of the manga by Hajime Isayama have started a countdown to accompany the fans to the release of The Attack of the Giants 4. A different illustration is shared every day Designed by artists who worked on the expected product.

In the tweet posted at the end of this news we can see the director's artwork Jun Shishido. In the picture we see a giant with his mouth wide open, in which an inscription indicates the remaining time until the release of the first episode 4 days.

In this last week of waiting, they will be brought back different designs available related to the franchise, to fuel the fans' emotions, like a new illustration by Reiner from Attack of the Giants 4.

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