Spy x family has been out for a month with new episodes. In the second part of the first season, little Anya is still trying to befriend Damian to help adoptive father Loid Forger's spy mission. In this way, the Stryx mission will be able to approach completion to save the lands.

However, this can take a long time to happen and therefore over time Anya could grow up. It is not yet clear where Spy x Family will go and if there will be a time warp showing the characters with a few more years, especially the little protagonist who will grow the most along with her classmates.

It will certainly take some time for that to happen, but meanwhile Norridzuan is showing his vision of the end result. In this new video from the designer, we first see Anya as a child, while in the second box you can then see Anya as a 16-year-old girl Anya as an adult for 26 years. Finally, the fourth panel features a shrunken old Anya with a stick at 106, but still with her shocking pink hair. Are the transformations true to you?

Meanwhile, it's the same author who featured Anya's design as an adult in another manga.

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