The wait is over and for theBoruto Anime: Naruto the Next Generations It’s time to start a new original story arc. This, developed by the staff of Studio Pierrot and therefore unpublished in the pages of the manga series, puts Kawaki and Himawari between the school desks of the ninja academy.

On the day of the trial, he convinced Himawari to enroll in the ninja academy. He learns that at school Kawaki will be his classmate. However, the boy immediately turns out to be reserved and unwilling to make friends with children younger than him. But why is he attending the institute when he’s already a Konoha genin?

Kawaki got one top secret mission from the Seventh Hokage himself. Naruto and Shikamaru asked him to protect him Princess of Bamboo Country, who enrolled as a visiting student at Ninja Academy. In reality, the princess is in Konoha because a murderer is on her trail.

First, it’s Kawaki’s job to make friends with her, but always surrounded by admirers and the media. Although thanks to his bold attitude he is shy and awkward in relationships Kawaki catches Kae’s attention, one of the new protagonists of the Boruto anime. At the end of the episode, after defeating a creature summoned with the summoning technique, Kawaki manages to forge a friendship with Princess Kae, who hides a secret.

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