Pokémon: Raikou’s origins in lightning mythology, just like MHW’s Zinogre

Originality is a complex phenomenon, especially when you have to clash with creativity to meet production needs and imagine many Pokémon different. What better source of inspiration, then, than the mythological sphere belonging to the eastern and western world?

In fact, many monsters fortify their roots in culture, with some exceptional cases such as that of Gyarados, in which the team borrowed a fascinating proverb. However, in certain cases, the imagery of the Pocket Monsters has exploited the sphere of the divine, the same traceable even in video game epics of the same mold as Monster Hunter World, in the case in point Zinogre.

To reveal yet another themed anecdote is the usual Dr. Lava's Lost Pokemon, a 360 ° enthusiast of the entire franchise, who dedicated the latest themed curiosity to the figure of Raikou. The aforementioned Pokémon, in fact, is strongly inspired by the mythological thunder beast Raiju, companion of vicissitudes of Raijin. Normally, therefore, the animal is depicted with the appearance of a tiger from whose body flashes of light and blinding flames come out. According to some Eastern traditions, during the storms unleashed by Raijin, the sound of lightning is caused by his howling.

And you, however, what do you think of this curious anecdote, did you know? Let us know, as usual, with a comment in the appropriate box below.

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