The battle in the kingdom of swords took place for the protagonists of. a completely unexpected twist Black clover. The power of the Devils and the Dark Triad now seemed to be in control thanks to the combined efforts of magical knights and captains from the various factions of the Kingdom of Clover. But the unpredictable has taken shape.

Asta's slash seemed to have freed Yami and William monstrous body of Luciferto interrupt the ritual for good. Nothing went as planned, however, and the dark ritual continued in Black Clover 317, which in the finale revealed the physical manifestation of Lucifer.

The tall, slender, pale demon with black stripes incarnated in its humanoid form in front of Asta and began as Chapter 318 of Unexpected Black Clover. While Lucifer stares at the beings in front of him with indignation, Love urges Asta to use the devil association to kill the devil. Asta unleashes a powerful blow, which Lucifer stops with one hand without effort. However, from a finger of Lucifer comes a drop of blood, which Asta furiously throws away with a single blow.

The power of Lucifer is immense, as is his gravity, which pushes everyone to the ground with no means of escape. Asta took the blow and cannot get up, but by his side, in the finale of Black Clover 318, all the captains of the magic knights of Clover arriveready to fight and help him.

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