There was a four-year break, but in the end Yoshihiro Togashi is back have been working for several months. This made it possible to re-release Hunter x Hunter on Weekly Shonen Jump, to the delight of readers around the world. However, there are still some production issues for the mangaka, according to the latest information.

During Togashi's career PUZZLE exhibition, the mangaka pointed out that progress will continue to be slow due to his health condition. However, there are other special signs that make you think of a mangaka who wants to leave more and more work to the wizards. Togashi is leaving Hunter x Hunter?

As he's kept mentioning with various tweets over the past few months, Togashi has often mentioned assistants who handle the backgrounds, background characters - so a classic job for an assistant - but even he was sometimes called what they were dealing with Sketching the characters in general. What's more, in the latest issue of the magazine, the task of writing the Weekly Shonen Jump commentary was left to an assistant, which is unique. We shouldn't forget the Hunter x Hunter Volume 37 commentary, where Togashi says, "I gave up so production ends here," a very eloquent phrase, though it doesn't clearly specify what it's referring to.

Also, a tweet has appeared on the web from a person claiming to be a relative of one of the mangaka's assistants, and according to this tweet Togashi would rely more and more on his helpers. Of course, this doesn't mean that the mangaka will leave Hunter x Hunter, but production could be different in the next few years if these rumors are confirmed. Obviously nothing is certain at the moment and we'll have to wait for an official press release.

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