The most famous manga magazine in the world is definitely Weekly shonen jump, Carriers of series such as Dragon Ball, Ken the Warrior, ONE PIECE, Naruto, Bleach and Demon Slayer. Over the decades, the Shueisha house flagship has made a name for itself for its ruthless manga deletion methods aimed at creating new hits quickly.

Who has managed to overcome the arduous fight against the competitors is Tite Kubo, who after an initial rejection at the end of the 90s returned to the magazine with Zombie Powder 2001 with Bleach, which would last until 2016. Now the mangaka with Burn the Witch is back but waiting for the second season Kubo announced that he is still reading Weekly Shonen Jump and in particular to find three notable titles.

During the Q&A fan club, Tite Kubo showed he was enjoying himself Undead Unluck, Sakamoto Days, and High School Family. The three titles - also available in English on MangaPlus - are now firmly anchored in the ranks of the magazine and are creating more and more space. Among them, Undead Unluck is the oldest, who now has a year and a half to live, while Sakamoto Days and High School Family started in the past 12 months. Who knows if the return of Burn the Witch will get any of these three manga in trouble in the future.

Meanwhile, Weekly Shonen Jump has just recently been updated with two more brand new series.

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