The manga of Dragon Ball Super sees the original narrative arc of Molo, a sorcerer with unique powers and capable of putting Saiyan and divinity in difficulty. After cornering the main Earth warriors like Gohan and Piccolo, Molo was confronted by Goku who used Ultra Instinct, albeit in an incomplete form.

As we saw in Chapter 59 of Dragon Ball Super, Goku seems not to have the skills to beat Molo despite the new technique. It is likely that, after slightly weakening it, Goku finds himself in trouble against Molo and its power of energy absorption, which will put Saiyan in difficulty.

It will be at that point that Vegeta will intervene. The prince may prove to be the true hero of this Dragon Ball Super bow, depending on the techniques learned on Yardrat. First, Vegeta's arrival is likely to be teleported with the help of his teacher to Yardrat, otherwise his arrival on time would be unlikely. At this point, the assumptions would see a Vegeta protagonist, but will he be alone in the clash with Molo or will he fight together with Goku?

It is unlikely that the end of this Dragon Ball Super arc will reveal a Molo victory, therefore it is possible that the Saiyan duo will fight together, perhaps even with a fusion in Gogeta and that would also decree the canonical nature of the character in Toyotaro's manga. How do you think this Dragon Ball Super arc will end?

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