The adaptation Spy x family anime enters the final stages of the first court. In the next episode, the eighth of twelve, a new character will make his hilarious, mysterious debut. Viewers prepare to meet Yuri Briar.

Both of Twilight's plans fail in Spy x Family 1x07. Anya, who is expected to earn a whopping eight stars to join the Imperial Schoolers, earned a dishonorable star, Tonitrus. The little forger slapped comrade Damian in the face and not even his apology was needed Make peace with the younger Desmond. Also, the little girl doesn't seem to get away with studying either.

In this regard, after a discussion between Loid and Yor, the two parents decide to use a joker. It seems that Yor's younger brother excelled in the study: Uncle Yuri will teach Anya support.

In the next episode of Spy x Family, Yor's family member makes his debut, but he doesn't come across as friendly. Welcomed to the house of counterfeiters, Yuri immediately proves himself very jealous of the love between his sister and Loid Forger. Yuri will do everything to investigate the man who stole the heart of his beloved sister. However, as the episode progresses, it is revealed that Yuri is not the humble government worker he makes himself out to be.

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