The success of My hero academy led to the birth of several side projects including Vigilante My Hero Academia - Illegals. The protagonist of this spin-off prequel set in the past is Koichi Haimawari: will he make his debut in the final war between heroes and villains?

Like the story of Kohei Horikoshi, so is that of Hideyuki Furuhashi and Betten Court one step away from the end. The epilogue of Vigilante My Hero Academia is missing only one chapter, number 126. However, readers of the spin-off would wish that Koichi was the protagonist in the main story as well.

Vigilante My Hero Academia 125 debunks a fan theory. Koichi doesn't seem destined to die. If The Crawler hasn't made its debut in Horikoshi's work, it's because it's set outside the borders of Japan. He has actually become one Pro Hero in the United States of America.

If Koichi really should give up Protagonist of a cameo appearance, maybe now is the right time. The opportunity to see him alongside the US number one star, Star and Stripe, has passed, but now is the time. Given the experience with number 6 so far, the hero Skycrawler could return to Japan take care of some high-end Nomu. Any contribution would be valuable for the company of Japanese heroes, but this appearance would surely drive fans of the spin-off insane.

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