After only 4 episodes chainsaw man It has already become a work that every anime fan should follow. The magnificent MAPPA studio animations along with the story of Tatsuki Fujimoto have brought to life an innovative and unique product that manages to be a mix of a combat shonen and a slice of life.

In Chainsaw Man 1x04, the MAPPA studio has surpassed itself and shows scenes from the everyday life of the protagonists that enchant the fans. Great importance was attached to it Aki Hayakawa, in charge of Denji and power within the public security. He is forced through Makima hosting the two at home, which will give him a lot of headaches.

Aki's tranquil morning sequence in Chainsaw Man 1x04 has received plaudits from fans who have been praising it online. The public safety devil hunter actually has a unique charm in everyday acting given by his gentle and lonely character which already makes him one of the most popular characters of the series.

To celebrate, the Japanese magazine is dedicated to a female audience Anan Magazione Has dedicated the cover to Akias we can see in @tweetCHAINSAWMAN_PR. The man is shown in profile while lighting his cigarette, illuminated only by the lighter's light. The illustration beautifully captures the atmosphere of mystery and loneliness that characterizes Aki in the anime and makes him a unique character.

There will be room for them in the next episodes of Chainsaw Man Past of Aki Hayakawa? We don't know at the moment, but it would be really nice to thoroughly dissect the nuances of such a mysterious character.

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