Via the franchise's official Twitter account Uma Musume: Nice derby, it was announced that his main animation project will have a third season. This sequel is once again produced by animation studios Studio KAI, a studio that was already responsible for the second season of the project. Further production details and the premiere date of the series will be announced shortly.

A new promotional video for the franchise's spin-off anime has also been released, titling it Uma Musume: Pretty Derby Road to the top. This project was announced last May and its premiere is scheduled for the Spring 2023 season. This project will be broadcast exclusively via streaming platforms (unlike the previous seasons that were televised in Japan). It should be noted that this series will be completely independent from the third season of the main anime.

The second season was broadcast in Japan during the 2021 winter season while the distribution license is in the hands of the platform. crispy roll. On the other hand, Uma Musume: Nice derby is a multimedia franchise created by Cygames. A smartphone game was supposed to be released in 2018 for iOS and Android devices but was postponed and released in Japan on February 24, 2021.

Uma Musume

Synopsis for Uma Musume: Pretty Derby

Famous racehorses who have left worthy legacies, no matter how unique, are reborn as horse girls in a parallel world. In this lifetime, they begin their journey anew as they continue to compete and perhaps relive the success they once experienced.

In order to become the best racehorse in Japan, a horse girl named Special Week moves to Tokyo to enroll in Tracen Academy, an institution that trains horse girls like her to be better racers. There, Special Week witnesses Silence Suzuka's refined racing style and is inspired to become a racer like her. Shortly thereafter, Special Week is recruited by Spica, Silence Suzuka's team. From there it goes lap by lap upwards.

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