Like every war, also that between heroes and villains My hero academy it will result in the deaths of numerous fighters. The fans are very sure that this character will leave the scene. Let's find out why, according to a fan theory, the Head of Class A is destined to die.

In the middle of the final act, the fanbase of Kohei Horikoshi's work revels in several, interesting theories. After the one about Dabis Quirk Fenice, let's analyze the one about Tenya Iida.

In My Hero Academia 353, news of Shoto's victory spreads. However, the heroes would do well not to relax and focus too much on that first-ever victory, as the Paranormal Liberation Front still has a great, dangerous field of commanders and lieutenants.

While some heroes fight back against the Nomu high-end, one catches the enthusiasm and starts with one puzzling sentence: "We are part of the lucky group. We didn't have to clash with the escaped Tartarus like Kunieda and Ghastly".

The first of this duo we see him fighting Fat Gum and Yuga Aoyama in the same chapter, but we still don't know about the second one. Fans believe it will be Hideous to kill the class leader Iida.

In a famous book of the 60s, The Gashlycrumb Tinies, tells the story of the murder of 26 children, each representing a different letter of the alphabet. The child corresponding to the letter "i" is Ida.

This coincidence has upset many My Hero Academia readers who now believe that Ghastly is Iida's killer. Horikoshi always pays close attention to these details: really the heir to the Turbo Hero Ingenium will die in this war?

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