Black Clover: Night reveals its demonic form, the real training begins

The training that Asta participates in is getting more and more intense, but what we've seen so far is still nothing. The author of Black Clover has finally revealed to us the demonic form of the night, which is therefore ready to face his disciple. Here are all the details.

Chapter 270 of Black Clover showed news of Asta and Love, the demon included in the five-leaf spellbook. However, the final pages of the manga leave us holding our breath. After seeing Asta’s tough training, we realized that what we’ve seen so far was nothing more than some kind of preparation.

Satisfied with the result of his young student, Nacht actually decided to reveal his demonic formand urged Asta and Liebe to attack him with all their might. The actual training has therefore begun and the expectation of what will be shown on the next few pages of the manga written by Yuki Tabata is extremely high.

We are waiting for the new volume and leave you with itimage the demonic form of the Black Bull Vice-Captain. Let us know what you think In the meantime, we'd like to remind you that the anime adaptation of the new Black Clover story arc may be out soon.

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