Yoshihiro Togashi’s big hiatus greatly impacted the release of Hunter X Hunter. However, the manga, which hasn’t been published on Weekly Shonen Jump since 2018, might return in a few months since the mangaka has resumed his work and is also posting the pages’ drafts on Twitter.

Within hours, Togashi’s Twitter account became the most followed in the mangaka world, a sign that his return is highly anticipated. For several days, the author published about a page a day, sometimes a few more, to keep his readers up to date on the progress of production. Hunter x Hunter was rumored to return once the mangaka had fully outlined 10 chapters. So the Hunter x Hunter Chapter 400 is over.

However, in a new tweet, Togashi has announced that not only has he finished drafting chapters from 391 to 400, he has will begin a new round of ten chapters written in manuscript and which will keep its readers and fans updated on the progress of the color work. So Togashi is really committed and more determined than ever Return hunter x hunter.

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