Poor textbook performance and continued failures in Operation Friendship undermine Anya Forger's school year at Eden Academy. The protagonist of Spy x familyhowever, who aims to become an Imperial Schooler or befriend Damian Desmond will meet a new companion.

After barely getting the minimum score to pass Eden's latest test in Spy x Family 1x18, Anya must face a new adventure. The goal, as always, is to get more stars, avoid Tonitrus, and increase the feeling with Damian. in the seventh episode of the second cour Will it be the right time?

While Spy x Family 1x19 Anya, Becky, Damian and his two henchmen befriend another Eden student who seems surrounded by a dark atmosphere of negativity. Cleverly honoring his classmates, taking advantage of his misfortune, he tries to trick everyone by putting Damian in a bad light.

However, in the episode's PV trailer, we see Anya unhappy with the situation in order to defend the Desmonds' second son. What will our heroic telepath do? Meanwhile, Papa Loid will be monitoring the scenario remotely. Spy x Family 1x19 will debut under the title Revenge Against Damian Saturday November 12 Simulcast Streaming on Crunchyroll. We say goodbye and leave you with Anan's cover dedicated to Spy x Family.

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