The war between heroes and villains has turned in My Hero Academia 6x05. Despite desperate attempts, Endeavor's team failed to prevent this Awakening of Tomura Shigaraki. Now able to harness All For One's terrifying powers, the boy sets out in search of his nemesis.

After causing hundreds of miles of destruction and death with Decay, Shigaraki is attacked by Number One, which surrounds him with a fiery grip from which it is impossible for him to escape. Apparently, however, the villain is now in possession of a super regeneration quirk and Endeavor's flames are ineffective. The clash between the two is cut short when a voice in Shigaraki's head tells the boy to get up Search for one for all.

Through Endeavor's radio communications, Midoriya realizes that he is Shigaraki's target and, along with Bakugo, the only one who knows this Truth About One For All, moving away from civilians. Any attempt to escape from the enemy proves futile as Shigaraki is also in possession of the Quirk Search which once belonged to Ragdoll.

Although the pro heroes don't understand why Shigaraki is so interested in Deku, they have no intention of releasing him. Uniti, Endeavour, Eraserhead, Ryukyu, Gran Torino and some others they are against Tomura Shigaraki. However, fierce new high-end Nomu are springing up on its side. As if that wasn't enough, Gigantomachia responds to My Hero Academia 6x06's gun call.

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