Otama's words spoken in ONE PIECE 1038 had effects beyond imagination. Invited by the girl to rebel against Kaido, the Gifters have now sided with Luffy and Momonosuke. With the support of these new reinforcements, ie Mugiwara can finally fight back.

in the ONE PIECE 1039 Queen realizes that it was Otama who instigated the Kibi Dango uprising. Therefore, he tries to launch one of his terrifying attacks against the small group, also led by Nami and Usopp. Fortunately, the intervention of sanji avoid the worst with a collier strike. Queen recognizes him as Vinsmoke Judge's son and later admits he is a former member of MADS. A battle begins for Sanji that will affect his past.

while in, Chopper discovers the effects of the Rumble Ball published by Caesar. Shrunk, he is now both a child and an elder. However, it is only a matter of time before he returns to his original appearance, so the Mugiwara doctor takes care of Zoro. The swordsman decides to take a drug that will allow him to return to battle immediately, but which will then have deadly effects. In another part of the castle, Franky is also supported by reinforcements.

there The last part of the episode is then dedicated to Jinbe, which faces the Who's Who. The helmsman recognizes the fighting style of the Six Powers of Government in the enemy and recalls a member of the CP9 who managed to escape from prison. Who's Who reveals that he is the secret agent Jinbe is talking about and he can't protect him Gom gom fruit since stealing from Shanks ruined his life. The Tobi Roppo therefore reveals all his hatred for the reds and for Luffy. Here's the ONE PIECE 1040 release date, accompanied by a brief preview of the episode.

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