The last chapters of My Hero Academia Final War Arc They get the heroes in big trouble. The mutant revolution led by Spinner was stopped thanks to Shoji's words, but the rogue lizard still managed to complete the mission entrusted to him by All For One.

Present Mic and Spinner's reputations had been ignored in My Hero Academia 373, but the villain's persistence eventually proved crucial. Kurogiri, the right shoulder of All For One and Tomura Shigaraki, is finally ready serves his masters and turns the tide of war.

All Might's divide-and-conquer strategy has been a triumph so far, with Deku coming close to defeating Tomura Shigaraki. However, theAll For One's Last Hope proved successful. In fact, Present Mic couldn't stop Spinner.

After attacking the central hospital with his mutant army, Spinner managed to breathe new life into Kurogiri, who, as soon as he opened his eyes again, used his portals to transport Dabi from Endeavor and copies of Twice from Hawks. Not only that, one of Kurogiri's portals directs the villain and Present Mic to the spot where Eraserhead is interfering with Shigaraki.

In My Hero Academia 375 there will be a reunion between three great friends who haven't met since Yuei High School. This meeting will confirm Kurogiri's bad intentions, or whateverMeeting Aizawa and Yamada will bring Oboro Shirakumo's personality back to life?

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