now theChainsaw Man Anime introduced the main characters of Fujimoto's work. It will take some time to get to know them well, but the key qualities of each have already emerged. There's Denji eager to lead a normal life, Aki wanting to please Makima, the enigmatic red-haired woman, and an impetuous power.

Denji and Power are very playful together, with the little devil with horns being the most difficult to control for sure as she is very childish and overbearing. Denji and Aki are not said to be able to keep them in check during this daily life together that recently began in Chainsaw Man. Makima will do it?

The devil control office woman can control Denji with subtle sexual manipulation, but cannot do the same to her. So maybe that's where the answer comes from Cosplay of Makima and Power of the duo LikeAssassin and Vellfelis. In the photo, Power can be seen in chains, held well in a line by Makima, with the redhead even sitting on top of her. Power seems determined and forced to obey, whether out of fear or some other reason who knows.

A double chainsaw man cosplay which seems to portray the character and relationship of these two characters well.

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