That Doctor Vegapunk has always been one of the greatest mysteries of ONE PIECE. However, the surprise was great in Egghead, the new island where the Mugiwara landed. The protagonists actually found themselves in front of an unexpected version of the scientist.

Vegapunk's assistants were introduced, or rather the six parts of his personality. In fact, it turned out that in order to be better able to work on several projects at once and to have more hands in his possession, the scientist divided into six "satellites", while the main body was called "star". Let's go to the discovery of six bodies of vegapunk:

  • Punk-01 is Shaka, the embodiment of good. He's a big man in a daft-punk style helmet, he's the calmest and most sane of them all;
  • Punk-02 is Lilith, the embodiment of evil. She is a short-haired woman with a very petty attitude and always looking for personal gain;
  • Punk 03 is Edison, the personification of thought. He's an always-on, oval-headed little robot that's always coming up with ideas.
  • Punk-04 is Pythagoras, the embodiment of wisdom. It's a different robot, but this time much bigger, with a small head. He puts all of Edison's projects on paper.
  • Punk-05 is Atlas, the personification of violence. He's a very tall robot with feminine features and super strength, brutally beating anyone.
  • Punk 06 is York, the personification of greed. She is a woman whose physique changes dramatically in a matter of seconds, from very fat to very thin, depending on what stage of her cycle she is in. It is used by the other robots to eat, sleep and go to the toilet, so it fulfills the primary bodily functions for everyone.

And then there is the most important Dr. Vegapunk. Did you expect such a presentation for the scientist?

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