The last chapters of My Hero Academia manga Focusing on the All For One battlefield, they temporarily put aside the clash between Tomura Shigaraki and Izuku Midoriya that will likely end the Kohei Horikoshi series.

After a flashback that explains to the readers how the heroes managed to take control of GigantomachyMy Hero Academia Chapter 383 concludes with a joint attack against All For One.

Chapter 384 of My Hero Academia begins with Gigantomachia throwing entire mountains at its former master, but everyone realizes things may soon get out of hand. Hitoshi Shinso's mind control will break the moment Gigantomachy will receive a powerful shocklike physical harm. This is exactly why Mount Lady and Red Riot parry the blows aimed at the colossal villain.

Realizing how the Aoyama family betrayal happened, the event that opened up this gigantic final battle, All For One breaks Shinso's Quirk. Gigantomachia is free, but instead of pounding on the heroes, With tears he asks his master why he left him. The Colossus's heart is in pieces, so much so that he continues to attack All For One. Mount Lady, Tokoyami and Gigantomachia launch a new attack.

At this point the scene shifts, clarifying the final cliffhanger of My Hero Academia 383. Those helicopters flying over the area aren't reinforcements, but Journalists document the situation in order to tell the story and encourage the population.

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