The second Spy x Family-Cour welcomed a newcomer to the house of counterfeiters. However, the mini-story arc, which focuses on the attempted terrorist attack, has had repercussions in the family. That Yor has decided to break up with Loid and Anya?

In Spy x Family 1x16, Loid notices Yor's strange behavior that It's been late coming home for a few days and acts cold. He also notices that his fake wife has her hands covered with cuts and wounds. Is Yor's secret job interfering with her marriage?

Indeed Yor She has no intention of separating from her husband and daughter, rather. Not being able to cook, he decided to try his hand at cooking. Camilla, a colleague of hers who hosts her at home every evening, helps her with this to guide her on the right path.

After various failures, in which we also witness the return of Yuri Forger, Yor finally manages to prepare a good meal, a dish her mother cooked for her when she was a child. Back at the forgers' house, Yor reveals the truth to her loved ones and cooks them a culinary treat that Loid and Anya find surprisingly exquisite. However, this is the only cooking approach Yor can handle.

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