In Boruto: Naruto the Next Generations Chapter 74, Team 7's mission, previously assigned by Shikamaru, begins. As Mitsuki and Sarada observe the situation from afar,Kawaki and Boruto You must live with Eida and Daemon, Leaf Village's new allies.

In the latest chapter of the work of Masashi Kishimoto and Mikio Ikemoto Amado brings new guests to Konoha. In order to save his life and escape the danger dictated by code, the scientist of the former organization Kara had to take Eida and Daemon to the leaf village, where the girl intends to meet Kawaki, as agreed.

As soon as she arrives in the village, Eida's beguiling power kicks in immediately. All ninjas and the residents who meet his gaze become his victims He ends up falling in love with her and carrying out one of her commands.

As is now known, this special power is capable of this resist only Boruto and Kawaki, since they have now become all Otsutsuki. However, there still seems to be someone that Eida's ability has no effect on.

As Eida flies near the house where she will meet Kawaki, she catches sight of Mitsuki, Cho-Cho, and Inojin in the distance, who immediately fall victim to her power. These three weren't the only ones present though, with Sarada and Shikadai by their side. For some strange reason, the Uchiha and the Nara they do not suffer from the beguiling effects of Eida.

While Shikadai most likely didn't make eye contact with Eida since her vision was obstructed by friends, for Sarada the situation could be more complex. Possible that Saradas Sharingan Eida can withstand? Confirmations regarding this could be in Boruto Chapter 75.

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