Ash Ketchum, now projected to the height of the World Coronation Series, is looking to improve his strategic and fighting skills while increasing his bond with some of his Pokémon. In episode 108 of Pokemon: Explorations The trainer has returned to Kalos to reunite with a dear companion of his adventures.

From the short promotional video and title of episode 108 ""Lucario and Greninja! The Guiding Aura of Destiny!', the clash between two of the most important and strongest Pokémon ever seen alongside the protagonist had already been widely anticipated. Given Lucario's growth in the tournament's final official bouts, e.g the skill of the champion DandelAsh decided to take his time to improve and demonstrated the unique bond that binds him to Greninja.

As @ThePokeRaf states in the post at the very bottom, which also has a clip of the episode, After six years, Greninja returns to the series to play an important role in preparing Ash and Lucario for the fight with Laburnum. A special feature, which is also shown in the video, is that Ketchum senses his Greninja's presence in this forest, and thanks to their connection, they can distinguish it from others of its kind just by being close to it. Let us know what you think of this important reunion in the comments.

Finally, remember that as director Owada puts it, Ash's future seems bright.

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