After wowing everyone with her innate dodgeball skills in Spy x Family 1x10, Anya is ready for a wonderful new adventure. in the Preview of the eleventh episode In the anime adaptation produced by WIT Studio and CloverWorks, the little counterfeiter shows an incredibly brave deed.

In the penultimate episode of the first cour, Anya will try to save herself lackluster career at Eden Academy. So far he has achieved unsatisfactory performance at school both in his studies and in the practical subjects. Also, the relationship with classmates isn't the best either, apart from the bond with Becky.

To help her father with Operation Stryx, Anya is expected to earn eight Stellae and become an Imperial Schooler. However, he did bring home a Tonitrus medal, awarded after the fight with Damian Desmond. By the way, did you notice the Dragon Ball Z Easter Egg in Spy x Family 1x10?

To be close to his daughter Loid will take Anya to his office to act as a cover for his actual spy job. Twilight, she's going to pose as a psychiatrist. Eventually, the bet will take a crucial turn. Anya will run away from her father, will run down a corridor and suddenly he will throw himself into a swimming pool. Her face is horrified and she seems to be drowning: what prompted her to make this extreme gesture?

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