In order to properly prepare for the final arc, Eiichiro Oda will stop producing the manga ONE PIECE from June 27 to July 25, 2022. A month off, but which will be marked by the Road to Laugh Tale initiative, with the inclusion of unreleased material in the next issues of Weekly Shonen Jump.

The great Wano saga finale now appearing on the pages of Shueisha's No. 1 Magazine, waiting to find out what consequences the Onigashima War will have on the order of the New World, the publisher will publish illustrations, tables, sketches and ideas, but revealed beforehand. Starting with issue 30 of the WSJ, scheduled for June 27, 2022, for the next three issues, up to volume 33, some Special brochures with various unpublished materials.

To report the news, the user @ Orojapan1 was via the post you will find below, where he was also featured Luffy with a katana and a design reminiscent of Wano's style. Unfortunately, it was not specified whether they were notes, stories never told in the series, or tables of past events or the last great saga of the Land of Wa. Finally, we remind you and leave you to the sensational spoilers of Chapter 1053 of ONE PIECE, which will be released on Manga Plus on Sunday June 19th.

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