Merchandise dedicated to the dragon continues to hit the market with the new story arc of the Dragon Ball Super manga that will transport readers to the events of the superhero movie. Feature film with Gohan and Piccolo as absolute protagonists.

At the grossing level, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is the second best-selling film in the series, behind only the most recent dedicated to Broly. TOEI animation He dared, and his gamble was rewarded by popular acclaim.

Thanks also to the manga series that Dr. Hedo has already brought back onto the stage and who will soon also introduce the two androids of the Gamma generation, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero continues to enjoy great popularity months after its release.

Ride this wave of success SHFiguarts presented a new collectible action figure dedicated to the character of Pan. Gohan and Videl's daughter was one of the big stars of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero and was able to rekindle that touch of comedy that the series had been missing for a while.

In June 2023, fans can take home a gorgeous figure of little Pan, priced at $50, which includes interchangeable face and hand parts and a bottle of water Recreate the most memorable poses that appeared in the movie.

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