The judges of Manga Taisho 2023 have announced the contestants who will compete to win the sixteenth edition of one of the most coveted manga awards in Japan. The award will be presented at an awards ceremony at Nippon Broadcasting's Imagine Studio in mid to late March.

Manga Taisho is one of Japan's most important publishing awards. Unlike most other awards shows, nominees and winners are selected one at a time Jury of 102 Japanese booksellers, industry experts. Only titles released during the year with fewer than eight published volumes that have never previously received the award are eligible.

the eleven proposed manga series of the judges are:

  • Akane-banashi, written by Yuki Suenaga and illustrated by Takamasa Moue;
  • Onna no Sono no Hoshi by Yama Wayama;
  • Takayuki Yamaguchi's Gekikou Kamen;
  • Minoru Totoda's Draw This, Then Die!;
  • Goodbye Eri by Tatsuki Fujimoto;
  • Super no Ura by Yani Su Futari, by Jinushi;
  • You and I Are Polar Opposites, by Kocha Agasawa;
  • Takopi's Original Sin, from Taizan 5;
  • A Witch's Life in Mongolian, by Tomato Soup;
  • Nippon Sangoku, by Ikka Matsuki;
  • The Summer Hikaru Died, by Mokumokuren.

From this selection of eleven manga series, only the first three will be awarded. Tatsuki Fujimoto is among the possible winners for the second year in a row. In fact, among the Taisho 2022 manga candidates was Look Back, a manga by the author of Chainsaw Man.

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