In the modern era of manga, and especially series belonging to the shonen category, few characters can boast of the popularity achieved by Naruto. The Seventh Hokage, who has since become a supporting character in the sequel Boruto, is still one of the most popular ninjas in the medium's history and has received a wonderful collector's bust.

It's a special one 1:1 scale bustThe one, about 60 centimeters tall, dedicated to the powerful Naruto in Six Ways Hermit mode, one of the most powerful transformations to appear in the series, including the son-centric sequel. Limited to 300 pieces, the statue was created by Toynami, and as you can see from the image at the bottom of the page, it looks incredibly detailed in every way. Naruto's design has been perfectly reproduced, from the unique shape of the pupils, the merging of Kurama's iris and that of the toads, to the rendering of the materials of the tunic worn.

"Gifted to Naruto after a near-death encounter during the Fourth Shinobi World War, Senjutsu of the Six Paths greatly enhances his abilities, allowing him to use new techniques. Combined with the Sage mode, Naruto gains a universal understanding of everything including chakra. No power comes close to Six Ways Sage Mode, earning him the title of Most Powerful Hokage' is how Toynami described the bust, stating what Only 300 examples will be produced, priced at $1,399 each Americans, about 1275 euros at the current exchange rate.

Before we say goodbye, here is a nice cosplay dedicated to Tsunade and we leave you a video celebrating the 20th anniversary of the series starring the members of the Akatsuki.

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