Season 1 of chainsaw man ended according to fans with many ups and downs. Studio MAPPA's work has been criticized by a segment of the public, which cast doubt on the creation of a second season for the series, a decision that does not appear to be in sight. So the characters will be returning in a big way in the future.

The story of Chainsaw Man is very intense and action-packed, and it will become even more so with the next content. In fact, for now, the series features a mix of horror and fantasy elements, creating a unique experience for viewers, but one that will continue to evolve over the next story arcs. The characters are very well developed and the plot is exciting and captivating, with many surprises yet to come that will make everything come to fruition. And having said that which will be adapted in Chainsaw Man Season 2?

The conclusion of the first season saw the conclusion of the terrorist arc with the defeat of the Devil Katana. But there's already a new character on the horizon, introduced in the last few seconds. We assume that Chainsaw Man Season 2 will consist of 12 episodes again: In this case, the The first arc will see the protagonist of Devil Bomba; this is followed by another much more choral and chaotic narrative arc, where things get really dicey, The international story arc of the felhunters.

These two storylines will be the focus of the next season. Of course, if there are more episodes, the situation changes: in this case, the next cycle of episodes would complete the entire first part of the manga. However, at the moment, the Chainsaw Man Season 2 release date seems a long way off.

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