Spy x Family is among the best-selling manga of April 2022, also thanks to the push of the highly successful animated adaptation produced in collaboration between WIT Studio and CloverWorks. In the fifth part of the series, the Forger family discovers the result of the Entrance test to the renowned Eden College.

The long-awaited day of counterfeiters has come, but only to bring one big disappointment. Unfortunately, Anya is dropped from the list of names accepted into the private academy. However, the frustration is tempered by the intervention of Professor Henderson.

One of Eden's three caretakers reveals to Loid, Yor and Anya that despite the uncomfortable events during Spy x Family 1x04, all is not lost. Although Anya's name is not among the approved ones, it is instead first on the caveat list. If even one of Eden's members resigns, Anya would immediately replace him as a college student.

Shortly thereafter, back at the forgers' house, the family members receive the good news. Anya is officially admitted to Eden. A family party is organized to celebrate, and informant Franky also attends. He makes Loid promise to reward Anya by repeating one of the episodes of the popular Bondman program.

A fabulous production begins with the renting of a castle for which the spy organization Twilight works. Dad Loidman must save Princess Anya from the villains' clutches. After an exciting show, Loidman comes face to face with the last enemies. By defeating the beams witch Yor and bad franky Papa Loidman rescues cute Princess Anya.

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