Berserker: The manga returns, but only for a short time, a new break after chapter 361

Kentaro Miura's masterpiece, Berserk, will never have regular serialization again, this is always a good thing to remember as painfully as to accept. In fact, the sensei has been involved in an irregular publication for many years, which seriously endangers the fate of its work.

When the finale arrives, we don't get any information, even though the manga has been running since 1989. The numerous pauses and long waiting times between one chapter and another have slowed down an already slow story itself. Minimize the feeling of progress. Despite all fears, Berserk will return to Chapter 361 in the next issue of the magazine Hatchlings, is expected to debut on July 22.

In addition, as usual, the first information emerged from the magazine announcing the duration of the new 20-page chapter. Finally, thatMissing a debut date for Chapter 362This promises a new break for the manga. There is no information on the return of the Miura Sensei masterpiece, but we will keep you posted on further news. Finally, we would like to remind you to continue to follow us so as not to miss the Berserker Chapter 361 spoilers, which will arrive in the next few days if there are no unforeseen circumstances.

And you, what do you think about the manga's umpteenth pause instead? Tell us as always with a comment in the field below.

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