Although the manga's serialization has been paused for two weeks, fans of My hero academy they were not left alone. While waiting to return to the battlefield, the community was able to admire some unreleased official art.

An old saying of Confucius says: "Choose the job you love and you won't work a single day in your lifeβ€œThis quote goes very well with Kohei Horikoshi and his assistants, who, although they are officially pausedthey continue to produce incessantly.

My Hero Academia 352 will be released on MangaPlus on May 15, 2022, a week later than expected. This time should be used by the author to rest and rest Prepare for the shocking final battlebut obviously for the manga's staff, the work isn't a burden.

According to the My Hero Academia sketch dedicated to Bakugo and Kirishima, theAssistant Yoshinori In fact, he's returning to sign a new official illustration. This time, the theme of the artwork he shared is Mirko, the bunny heroine that so fascinates fans. In this unpublished drawing we see Rumi Usagiyamathat's the true name of the pro hero who breaks the audience's tongue in a sweat.

Mirko is currently in the War Arc fights with Tomura Shigaraki. Trapped by the heroes, the All For One heir initiated his monstrous transformation, causing Mirko to lose spare limbs. Luckily, the Explosive Bunny is still in the game as it comes with some spare parts out of the box.

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