The Joestar: The Inherited Soul Event has confirmed the production of the long awaited animated version of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean, the sixth part of the story of Hirohiko Araki, in which the young Jolyne Kujo, daughter of Jotaro, will be featured, and to celebrate the announcement, the official Instagram account has been opened.

As much as the community was happily surprised by this announcement and David Productions' return to animation rendering as it has been over the past few seasons, An exact withdrawal deadline has not yet been set in which viewers will finally be able to follow Jolynes adventures.

However, to raise fan expectations, it was recently Open the official Stone Ocean Instagram accountwhere the promotional illustration was posted, which you can see in the post given below, where Jolyne appears with the design we are most likely to see in the series. also confirm the official character of the new seasonand the enigmatic phrase "Can you hear the flapping of a butterfly's wings?"In the section below the photo, it was also re-confirmed that the voice actress will be voice actress Fairouz Ai.

We remind you that in Stone Ocean we will again see a historical opponent of the Joestar family and we will leave you at the most important stands that we will meet during the Jolyne Kujo story.

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