After chapters focusing on Yardrat and Vegeta's training with the senior chief Pybara, who was also Goku's teacher some time ago, Dragon Ball Super chapter 61 brings Vegeta back to Earth and allows us to witness the results of the training of the prince of Saiyans. The heart of it all is the Forced Spiritual Fission technique.

Vegeta's technique presented in new chapter of Dragon Ball Super it is based on the extraction of spiritual energy from the target's body. To Vegeta it seems only enough to touch the enemy body, which he does with punches and kicks, and then energy will come out of it. Therefore Pier begins to lose particle after particle the energy absorbed by beings and planets.

When he scatters the energy for the galaxy, returning it to its rightful owner, Vegeta also leads to revive the Nameccians who on Neo Namek had been defeated by Molo through the absorption of energy. As explained in the chapter of Dragon Ball Super, the energy will return to its rightful owner, however those who have died cannot be reborn. Exceptions are found in clans and species that are endowed with enormous spiritual strength and the Nameccians are confirmed to be one of them.

Molo then responded with a brand new transformation that irritated the fans.

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