Inspired by oriental animations, Netflix has launched a project based on the popular Castlevania video games in recent years. However, the animated series created by Warren Ellis, which has been running annually since 2017, is coming to an end. Castlevania 4 will indeed be the final season of the series.

Netflix has already announced that the latest episodes will appear on the streaming platform on May 13, 2021. So there are less than two weeks left. And just in those hours, the streaming giant released that Castlevania 4 official trailer that throws us back into the dark Wallachia of Trevor Belmont, Alucard and Sylpha Beinades.

Above is the video of Castlevania season 4: in two minutes we see all the characters involved in the plot with the usual dose of blood and monsters. The animated series will consist of 10 episodes that end this phase of the story, however Netflix does not permanently close the door to a Castlevania sequel with spin-offs focused on other characters.

Before you think about the future and the characters that will appear in the sequels, Let's see how this bracket ends to the world of the Konami video game.

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