A ransomware attack suffered by TOEI Animation pushed the fandom away from the release date in Japanese cinemas Dragon Ball Super: Superhero, now postponed for June. Within weeks of its debut, the staff working on the film are releasing new material to keep fans' expectations warm.

Twitter user @DBSChronicles shared this official poster, definitely and in high quality, of the next anime movie in the franchise. In Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero there will be the three strongest of the universe 7, but this time it's not their role to play the leading role. To defend planet earth and be in the spotlight, they will be Gohan and Piccolo, in the middle of the poster. By her side we find little Pan determined to follow in her father's footsteps, Goten and Trunks, now teenagers, 18, Bulma, Yajirobe and Dende. There is also room for Broly's friends.

As for the antagonists, these will be the members of the red ribbon. Rising from their ashes, the criminal group will return to attack with Doctor Hedo's evil inventions. He will threaten the Z Warriors with a new generation of androids, Gamma1 and Gamma2. However, some clues seem to confirm that we will see Cell's return in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero.

We remind you that the film will revolutionize the franchise by a innovative 3DCG graphics style and that the release date has officially been pushed back to June 11th.

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